PERITUS FOREX SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd is an innovative and leading risk management company. The company provides specialised treasury outsourcing services that go beyond standard execution and dealing. These services have become increasingly essential as we navigate these volatile economic times. Current solutions offered by the traditional providers may well not be responsive enough to these changes and as such financial risk management has become core to the success of any business.



What We Do With PASSION

Innovative, leading Risk Management

Spot foreign exchange

The most popular foreign exchange product is simply an agreement to buy or sell one currency in exchange for another. You settle the contract immediately, at a price based on the prevailing 'spot exchange rate' or the current value of one currency compared to another at a specified date (typically 2 days).

Forward foreign exchange

Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts (FECs) allow you to set an exchange rate now, which can be applied to foreign currency requirements at a pre-determined future date. A FEC can provide protection against adverse exchange rate movements, giving you a known income or cost in advance.

Foreign currency options

These options offer you protection against adverse exchange rate movements over a specified contract period, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of any favourable movements in the exchange rate.

Risk Management

Risk management is a powerful tool to eliminate the impact of volatility of currency exchange rates on your profits and is achieved through hedging strategies. Hedging strategies allow clients to eliminate the risk of all or part of their exposure. As a company it allows you to control your payable and receivable costs. PFS offers a range of financial products and services designed to take maximum advantage of market movements.

Short term Interest Rates (liquidity)

The money markets are the market place for short term lendings and borrowings. Companies need this market in order to meet their short term liquidity requirements or to invest surplus liquidity at interest. This market plays an important role in cash management.

Long term Interest Rates - swaps and options

Interest rate swap is an agreement between two counterparties, where one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another based on a specified principal amount. Interest rate swaps often exchange a fixed payment for a floating payment that is linked to an interest rate.


We offer all services related to commodity hedging. We supply detailed information on agri-products through our economic partnership with various agricultural organisations. We can do risk assessments with proposals and implement agreed strategies.

Private individuals

We offer the service where an individual can transfer money abroad either as capital, study or travel allowance etc. There are regulations regulating these transfers and it applies only to South African residents.

The People Behind Peritus


Great Products and Features

Innovative, leading Risk Management

Tailored Solutions

We don't believe that "one size fits all". Our primary objective is to design a currency trading framework and risk management policy which deals with all currency, interest rate and other exposures in the company. Sometimes cash flows can wreak havoc in company finances and with the predictive accuracy and accounting simplicity associated with hedging products, you can lower costs and improve strategic planning. The banks have developed a wide range of products to enable the market participants to protect themselves against movements in exchange and interest rates. In the financial markets these products play a vital role for hedging against these unpredictable movements.

Risk Framework

The risk framework should have three goals: cash flow efficiency, opportunistic market entry and risk mitigation. We have an experienced team with years of treasury and back office knowledge and we understand what the client's needs are. We obtain with our bargaining power and expertise, competitive pricing from Banks which we pass on to the client. We do not get access to clients' accounts or funds and we don't do transfers to counter parties. We have proper segregation of duties in the execution, advice and confirmation of transactions.

Competitive Conditions

Exchange rate risk volatility represents both risks and opportunity. Few businesses are prepared for taking hold of the opportunity that comes when currencies move in a favourable direction. As a result this often leaves them exposed to risks. We at PFS will guide you with this opportunistic market entry and execute at favourable levels - a feat achieved through our banking relationships and expert market knowledge.

Market Insight

Our team has been hand-picked for their first-hand knowledge of the markets and their appetite to always learn more and stay on top of financial news. We will inform you of real-time market conditions so that you can take advantage of favourable changes and limit the impact of any adverse movements. We have access to and provide you with daily and weekly updates as well as the macro-economic and political data driving them.

Superior Service

We pride ourselves on the industry-leading service that we provide to all of our clients: private and corporate, big and small. The growing complexity of financial products for hedging has caused bewilderment for companies and they are finding it difficult to keep abreast of the latest development. We will advise clients as to the correct product and time to enter the market and will introduce new and innovative ideas. This will enable the client to make use of opportunities that the market offers. The risk profile of the company will determine the policy, which will differentiate between risk and speculation. Effective communication and administrative procedures will ensure compliance and adherence to company policy and procedures.

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Innovative, leading Risk Management

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